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Behind the scenes of “Falling Water” | Thank you Fujifilm! @esmad_pporto @fujifilmxworld_pt @fujifilm_global #fujifilmxpt #fujifilmworld_pt #fujifilmgfx50r — with @ajpmorais & @jose.quinta.ferreira

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My new project: “Falling Water” | Thank you Fujifilm! Thank you Profoto! @esmad_pporto @fujifilmxworld_pt @fujifilm_global @profotoglobal #fujifilmxpt #fujifilmworld_pt #fujifilmgfx50r #profotob10 #profotoconnect

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Under heavy rain under a waterfall with a Fujifilm GFX50R! Fujifilm’s WR cameras and lens just keep on working! @esmad_pporto @profotoglobal @fujifilmxworld_pt @fujifilm_global #fujifilmxpt #fujifilmworld_pt #fujifilmgfx50r with @ajpmorais @joao____leal

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My new project: “Falling Water” | Thank you Fujifilm! @esmad_pporto @profotoglobal @fujifilmxworld_pt @fujifilm_global #fujifilmxpt #fujifilmworld_pt #fujifilmgfx50r

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My new project: “Falling Water” @esmad_pporto @profotoglobal

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Just in time @apple! https://t.co/9qEOgCL2l6

Hey @apple nice #ipads… now, where are the new #imacs? Some people need to do some serious work you now? It’s been 651 days since the last update!

@leonelmartins Imagine if they move the lightning port to the front. And allow it to be not only a wireless (bluetooth) but also a wired mouse. That would be great design.

AirDrop sucks!

Hey #apple looks like is time to wake up and start making things happen! Looking forward to the iPad OS, MacPro (finally), a real MacBookPro (with several useful ports and thick enough to run fast without thermal limitations) and high quality software, pro and prosumer!

@AdobeCare Sure, just release your CC suite of apps in a drag & drop installer (without messing MacOS) and I’ll be happy. In the meantime I’ll stick with CS on an old iMac and just use @affinitybyserif software on my MacBookPro (my main machine).

Hey @apple why can’t I open web location files in my iPad (on the Files app)? And why can’t I save them via Safari on the iPad as well? What year are we?